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Demand Systems specializes in providing solutions to companies.  Our focus on prevention helps us provide you an office with technology that runs the way it's supposed to run -- productively and smoothly..  

When your company demands computer and networking technology 
that runs right, call on us!

  • On-site support programs:  Our on-site support programs start at only $359 per month.  Our monthly support programs allow us to keep your technology running right and prevent problems.  Our 15 years of experience has taught us that prevention costs you a whole lot less than fixing problems.  You can easily spend much more to repair problems from improper care than you will on a monthly support program.  And something worth mentioning, unlike most companies, we roll unused hours over to the next month.  Find out more details at this page.
  • On-Site Networking:  If your business is in need of connecting your computer together, call us.  We help your company meet your needs for networking.  We can help you with solutions that meet your affordability requirements and allows for future growth as well.
  • IT Outsourcing:  If your company is in need of temporary IT help, we are there for you.  We have technicians available for any period of time to assist your company in the time of need.
  • In-Shop Service:  For quick upgrades and repairs drop your computer off at our shop.  We are local right here in Camarillo.
  • Remote Backup Services: Safely keep your valuable data backed-up to a remote server without having to worry about changing tapes or taking disks home.
  • Web Design Services: Let us handle all of your website needs.
  • VPN setups including WIFI VPNs.

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